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Full Version: Mobile Payment
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If I wanted to buy the game via mobile phone, I have to enter my mobile phone number in frictional games store.
Then I get a SMS.

And then...?
How can I download the game and how do they get the money?

I have a prepaid card.

Will the money deducted from pre paid card or where?
You are asked to enter your email address and then you'll get a receipt page (which is also sent to the email) and you click a link to get to our download service at

The money will be deducted from the pre paid card when you confirm the SMS that is sent to you.
OK, thank you very muchRolleyes.
Then I'll do that.

But can I download the game again, if I lost the installer?
Yes, the e-mail contains a link to the download.
OK all right then.
I have purchased the game now.

I waited for the european retail release but I did not knew if it is coming soon.
I gladly buy good games and if there will come a retail release for europe, I'll buy it again.
I hope, the next game from FG will be good as all before!