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Full Version: AI Director of Horror
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It would be nice mode what could be for example to be turned on when Amnesia is beaten once or maybe even for first playthrought.

Instead non-key items would be placed like normally, it would place them to points/nodes what is specified by mapper or simply use those places where items in normal mode would always appear. However AI Director of Horror would only place items when it deems that player really needs them and rarely have some "bonus" to give item anyways as reward.

Also there would be additional Enemy spawning more dynamically from AI Director when player not act scared like keep crouching, etc.
That kind of system only-in my opinion-works for more action oriented games. The reason it works in a game like L4D is that it's multiplayer, and is for the most part very fast paced run and gun, not to mention it goes in conjunction with the different experience you have when playing with different people. It would be incredibly difficult to work out a randomized system like that and at the same time build up a focused and dense atmosphere, ala Amnesia, that relies on very tight scripting.