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Full Version: Locked door script problems. (SOLVED)
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(Sorry about the second thread)

So I recently have been studying and watching tutorials about scripting and have gotten a lot better at it. I have my extra_english.lang set up for my key so when I pick it up it says "Iron Key", and the description in my inventory shows up.

So I have a locked door leading to another area so I started scripting to make the key unlock the locked door. I double checked the script and all but it still doesn't work for some reason, it looks right to me. Can someone point out an error?

// Run first time starting map
void OnStart()
    AddUseItemCallback("", "ironkey_1", "studydoor_1", "KeyUsedOnDoor", true);

void KeyUsedOnDoor(string &in asItem, string &in asEntity)
    SetSwingDoorLocked("studydoor_1", false, true);
    PlaySoundAtEntity("", "unlock_door", "studydoor_1", 0, false);

// Run when entering map
void OnEnter()


// Run when leaving map
void OnLeave()

You wrote KeyUsedOnDoor in your callback, but your function is called KeyUsedOndoor.
In the future, add DebugMessages to your script so you can check whether your functions/different parts are called/reached and to pinpoint errors.
Well I fixed that on my .hps but when I use the Iron key on the door I still get, "Cannot use item that way"
Weird. Mind uploading the map and the script file?
(03-27-2011, 10:14 AM)Pandemoneus Wrote: [ -> ]Weird. Mind uploading the map and the script file?

Alright, here you go,

That's the custom story and all.
Ah, easily found your mistake.
Your script file is named DoorScript.hps.hps
Got "show extensions" activated?
Are you fucking kidding me!
Well no wonder I haven't gotten ANYTHING TO WORK.

So I'll just get rid of the extra .hps.

I report back what happens.