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Full Version: Update?
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amnesia is updating for me again ( steam ).
I just found this.

I don't recall seeing it before. Have I found something new? Smile
"Okay I do nOt care any mOre if thOse/thEse sadistic bastArds got me burning wiTH lasers and all after last escApe. HArd to type with fIngErs off bUt have to kpp/KEEP? trying!!

DId mEssages before went up??? Itried to sneak, but scrEw that now!!

I just dUmped all I could find on thE sErvers!!! hahaha!! This wIll scrEw them up. I also shIt in thomas shoEs... hohoh...

hohho... someone awAke and heading this wAy!!! I there are sUre to be material that can HURT THEM ALOT!!! HElp me find!! might be hidden.

BASTARDS WLL PAY!!!! goT2go!!"

Added in what I suspect the completed post to be.

Our friend Harold E Larsson (Pr) joined this board April 1st, 2011, the day of the update. It is my belief that Harold E Larsson (Pr) is our HELPr for this one. It also appears he is missing his non-thumbed fingers for the most part.

Something to do with lasers? I'm so confused D:
Grammaphone has a very very long sound clip of a girl talking.
Nice to see lots of new face(s) round here in the forum.

Even if they do talk lots of mumbo-jumbo hoobery joobery all the time.

It's cookie time and I have 3 cookies left. Good times.
DANIEL, you killed me, you took my life away
If only you realise what you've done, what violence? you've forced upon history?
You have to make it right, selfish old boy
I am offering you redemption, but I need you to give me the answers
Give yourself a x and tell me at once (Everytime I try to listen to this, the dogs start barking.)
The man who escaped death in vernobles??(or the noble), Who is he?, Who is hunting me? and who is the banished one?
you laughed when I told you I was hard gave you and a head(doesnt make sense), you know it
Wounded you need me
What is it in your mind that is requesting my assistance
My request is sincere Daniel(it gets really fuzzy from here on) This is all real.
Where did you leave the scepter?(sensor, dunno)
Daniel, you are going mad, go home, call her, ask her name and let her bring you home to england
If there is spirit? anywhere in you left, answer my questions and let them make a name for yourself

If it has a question mark chances are it's wrong. This is from the Grammaphone in the Study, it's a girl speaking.
HELPr is the escaped specimen in this article:

Spoiler below!
So I just awoke to what can only be described as manic giggling and intense keyboard mashing. First thinking it was hallucinations caused by recent days fumes I igonored it. But it would not go away and I finally went up to investigate. What I found was that my desk was spattered with fresh blood and mucus, something I spend the last minutes cleaning up with high pressure hose (we installed one after the "Sottoth-incident").

Anyhow, this can only mean that one of the old specimens, subject H, has escaped once again. How he did manage to pick the lock without any fingers boggles the mind. I guess he always did have dexterous feet though. Once we catch him there will no more of that though.

In any case, if anybody spots strange messages on the forum or whatnot, please ignore them and just report back to me or anyone at FG. I assure you anything that subject H says is all just a mad animal's ramblings. Nothing to take any note of. Would be great if you all could help me catch the bugger.

Oh, well time for placing some bear traps I guess!

PS: Good news from Razer, looks like the problems are fixed now. To all those that have reported missing limbs: we are working on finding (somewhat) fresh replacements!

PSS: What in god's name is that in my shoes!!!

(also, the facebook link doesn't work, FG, you need to change your page to public or some shit like that)
Apparently that text is new! Here are some clearer screenshots of it as some lines are faded at different angles:
I found something that I haven't seen before, its a note titled Unexpected Omen [?]
I found something that I haven't seen before, its a note titled Unexpected Omen [?]

Where did you find it?
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