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Full Version: Steam now support total conversions
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I do not think this has been spread enough, so here goes:

With last week's update, the steam version of Amnesia now support total conversions, ie being able to supply the main config file as a command line argument. (see here: )

Total conversions allow you to change a lot of the game's settings (how fast sanity runs out, movement speeds, etc) and also fun stuff like having a custom main menu background and start up credits. So even if you are not doing any major hacking, a total conversion might be something to consider.
Awesome, can't wait for some full total conversion mods. Will be awesome.
Awesome! Thanks a ton. Smile
You guys need to make it so the map file tree starts in the amesia folder so we can have our maps and stuff all in one folder, making it easier on people who arent amazing with computers but still want to play full conversation mods

This was the ONLY thing holding me back from modding >;3