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Full Version: Custom particles and such
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Hey all, if I create custom particles and/or entities for my mod, where/how do I include them with a download file?
You can probably use that developed installer for Amnesia, or use your own installer.
But how would I include them? Is there, say, a folder I need to place them under? Inside the maps root, custom story root, etc?
In the particles folder; I don't think they can go anywhere else. Just give them a separate name than the main game ones.
Oh ok. So the installer will take care of that. Alright thanks I'll look 'round for that or just zip up the files and have them extracted into the amnesia root, so they merge. Thanks buddy
Yea, it's stickied in the showcase.
They all go to your custom story folder using the same folder structure as the main game.
Oh not in the amnesia root? OK thanks I'll do that Big Grin Thanks to both of you!