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Full Version: Joystick support application and keybind - DOWNLOAD HERE
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hello, as i mentioned in other thread, i configured Joy2Key to work with Penumbra. this little application should work on win98 and newer (i tested on XP SP2 only), i have no problems at all with it.

i'm playing on fake dual shock PS2 joypad
[Image: 179686328.jpeg]
with left thumbstick you are moving, and with right you look around (just like with mouse). you can see everything in attachement. enjoy!
should be much harder to play but still a cool find =)

EDIT: i made this stickied just in case anyone else wants to play this
maybe you can edit your post to make it into a tutorial or so Smile
To what buttons are "Examine" and "Run" set to? I could not find em.


ok, here are all buttons explained:

Left thumbstick - emulate A, S, D and Shift+W - moving around and running forward
Right thumbstick - emulate mouse - moves the player head/move objects that are grabbed/move cursor around
D-pad - emulate W, A and D, arrow down emulate Right mouse button - examine game objects/cancels selections/throws grabbed objects (there is not enough buttons on pad)
Button 1 - emulate N - notes
Button 2 - emulate X - holster current tool
Button 3 - emulate G - turns glowstick on/off
Button 4 - emulate F - turns flashlight on/off
Button 5 - L2 - emulate space - jump
Button 6 - R2 - emulate left mouse button - interact with objects in the game/selects options in menus/throw or swing tool
Button 7 - L1 - emulate Q - lean left
Button 8 - R1 - emulate E - lean right
Button 9 - select - emulate TAB - opens up the inventory
Button 10 - start - emulate ESC - opens the main menu/pause
Button 11 - left thumbstick button - emulate CTRL - toggle to crouch (press again to stand)
Button 12 - right thumbstick button - emulate R - toggle normal/interact mode

and that's all Smile there is no SHIFT emulate because all you can do with it is running forward, so it's already in left thumbstick, no need to push two buttons... if you want to sneak, use d-pad. in my opinion it's much more comfortable, and in total darkness you don't have to look for some buttons around whole keyboard... i'm attaching also updated version.
I prefer Xpadder. It's just fantastic.
I've mirrored this file on Strategy Informer for you, you can view it here:


jesus christ bartkartoffel - this is REALLY AWESOME APPLICATION! i was looking for ages something that will enable rumble in my pad! THANKS!
Hey! I got penumbra yesterday and i made a joystick2mouse profile for my controller. I was going to post a topic on it but a quick search pointed me to this topic.

I took a different approach to suit my playing style and my controller type and I'm making it available here for anyone who wants to give it a try... the configuration was designed for a Playstation Controller using a radio shack PSX/2 to USB adapter (about 10 bucks)... the controls are as follows:

Left analog Stick: Moves head (moves mouse)
Right analog Stick: Moves body (W,S,A,D keys ...)
Square Button: Left Click
X Button: Right Click
Circle Button: R key (for interaction mode)
Triangle Button: Tab (opens inventory)
L1 Button: Q Key (take a look to the left)
R1 Button: E Key (take a look to the right)
L2 Button: F Key (toggles Flashlight)
R2 Button: G Key (toggles Glowstick)
L3 Button (press the left analog stick): Space (Jump)
R3 Button (press the right analog stick): Left-Ctrl (Crouches)
Start Button: Esc (brings up the menu)
Select Button: N (brings up the notebook)

Maybe it will be of use to someone =) ... Great configuration by the way.


well, i don't like moving body with right thumbstick - does any game for console use something like that? maybe it's easier for left-handed peoples Smile
anyway - i strongly recommend use Xpadder - it's really really powerfull application. give it a try!
Normally I am all about left stick for movement, usually up/down to go forward/back and left/right for strafe left/strafe right for my games

But the first FPS game I played on Playstation 2 was Unreal Tournament (99) and they offered about 13 preset gamepad mappings for movement. I have to say it felt more comfortable for the right stick to be movement and left stick for looking/aiming cross hair in UT on PS2

Nowadays, for FPS games on the PC, I use the left half of my thrustmaster gamepad for walking, jumping, crouching, leaning, creeping, and more. My right hand uses the mouse for aiming, firing, and interacting, as well as the extra buttons on my 10-button mouse for quick keys like health and the mouse wheel for weapon switching.

Thanks to all for the joypad layouts though! WASD is damn retarded and makes it very hard to play when I'm trying to run away from the spiders in the mines... I waste 3 fingers on moving when I could be switching weapons and doing other things.

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