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Full Version: My problems with the expansion
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I gotta agree with not liking not being able to save. Timed puzzles are fun (the gears and spinning valves chase scene), but I learned 20 years ago playing Tomb Raider that long complicated sequences without a checkpoint system make players frustrated.

I died trying to spin a valve, the hitbox for grab-ability seemed too small. Really don't feel like going back and doing everything over again. Maybe later *shrug*
The DLC will have save when it is released later, no save is just for the valve event.
Oh, thank God.

I'm sure I should thank you, too, Jens.
I thought the no save thing made the stakes higher, and so you actually had something to lose. Although on the flip side it does create a huge problem with frustration. I mean if you die then starting over again is annoying, but if you're stuck on a certain part then its a real pan in the ass.
I think the no save idea was fun for me, but I could easily see it being frustrating for others. A no save option in the menu would be cool for those that want the extra pressure and it would allow both sides to be happy.
The no-save idea is great for adding on to the stress, but the water/gear part drove me up the wall. I just got to it about 30 minutes ago, and ended up dying because I didn't realize what I was supposed to do by about a 2 second margin. I don't know about you guys, but I personally find it frustrating to repeat 10 minutes of gameplay in a horror game. Purely in terms of gameplay, it's fine, but I find it jarring since it ruins the immersion via repetition of the initial sequences.

I definitely think that no-save is a great idea for future content (which I'd definitely be willing to buy!), but only if there was no puzzle chase sequences, since those restarting is just too frustrating. I think that "regular" chases, though, like with a monster following you and you closing doors or otherwise interacting with one object at a time (instead of grab X and put it in Y) are definitely fair game in a no-save environment.
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