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Full Version: La Caza Full Release (And Custom Story Download)
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I am new here, I did the French translation of the excellent Mod "La Caza" and I try to contact Russ Money about that. I have send PM to him but there is no answer. Sad
Is there someone here who can help me to contact him?

Nobody? Confused
owo nice bump Smile

I don't believe he browses these forums, nor is he connected with the Amnesia community anymore. You could probably contact him through Steam, but I don't think it's worth it (mainly because he doesn't do Amnesia things anymore)
Thanks for your reply. I also tried to contact him on Steam but for the moment I had no response.
But I don't despair. Wink

After several months of waiting and doubts, I decided of publish the French translation of La Caza's Mod.
Use the link below


Après plusieurs mois d'attente et de doutes, j'ai décidé de publier la traduction française du Mod La Caza.
Utilisez le lien ci-dessous

Mod La Caza French Translation
I've sent him over here.
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