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Full Version: Finished Custom Models for Download
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Add new models, textures, sounds etc. as addons on moddb (will be better for long term storing than a forum and obscure "file uploading sites".):

But in case you really want your models here:
Post any high quality and downloadable models for those who need more custom made models to finish off their long worked Custom Story.

You make a thread about your model and post a link into this thread.
Also note, that the thead must include either photo or video of your model.
In case you don't want to make completely new thread about your model, just make a post into this thread with screenshot or video of the model and download link for those who want to use it.

Note, that these custom made model(s) must be finished, final, bug free and ready to use.
So, test them before posting link!

Me, Tanshaydar & plutomaniac will try to edit this post every time we notice that someone has made a post here.

Armoire by DonProtz
Axe by nkmol
Bastard Sword / Axe by DonProtz
Bed w/o overhang by palistov & Frictional Games
Boat and oars by Phoroneus
Cannon by Sel
Car Toy by nkmol
Coffin by DonProtz
Commode by DonProtz
Clock by nkmol
Closet Worn by DonProtz
Davenport by DonProtz
Flail by nkmol
Flashlight by DIGIByte, MrBigzy & Xiphirx
Flashlight batteries by Tanshaydar & Frictional Games
Grunt Ragdoll by MrBigzy
Hay cart by nkmol
Inspector Lantern by Mofo
Paintings by DonProtz
Park Bench by nkmol
Pig Head by nkmol
Skull bed by DonProtz
Walls by DonProtz
Wall & Floor Shelf by DRedshot
Industrial Fan by Selyp
Mixed models by Traggey
mmm I like this thread, hope there will be modelers..
I added the model.
The ragdoll grunt is mine. D: Should look at the first post of that thread.
Yeah,the ragdoll grunt is MrBigzy work,"Hunter Of Shadows" didn't made it.
Fix that Wink
Whoops... Sorry about that.
Just a misunderstanding, thanks. Tongue
Sorry for accidentally getting credit for it, was just trying to get MrBigzy's awesome model added to this little list
Lol I like how pretty much all of them are from the same guy, we have a modelling expert in our midst it seems.
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