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Full Version: Requiem retail?
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So I own Overture and Black Plague in retail packages already...I'm looking for Requiem but I can only find it in complete collection packs retail, at Frictional store, and Steam. Huh Any suggestions?
It was only download when it was released.
Only retail of it is with the Penumbra Collection.
If you want to be cool you can order it from Russia, they got a retail release of Requiem dubbed Penumbra 3. Wink
Lol, I'll consider that. Is there a download though that's not part of the collection? currently 60% off so pretty much for free
There is a retail collection only in english at now:

I'm waiting for the german version (coming 31.12.2011).
Why is it that every game you release, the first retail version is always Russian. Big Grin
Thanks Jens! Smile
I'm looking for a retail CD of Requiem too.
I have Overture and Black Plague as retail CDs and now I wanted to buy Requiem as retail.
I'm from germany and my Overture and Black Plague are in german. In the collection it is only in english, so I don't want to buy the collection only for Requiem.

There is a single retail release of Requiem?

The link from Jens... GamersGate is only a download shop, the product will be not sent in a box to you.

There is any retail CD?