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Full Version: [i am full of questions...sorry] Check points and similar
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Hi there i am have a question... how do i make Check points? and also how do i make a action like for example a monster to spawn again even if i die? because normaly if i die the monster does not show up again :/

oh and one more thing... if i make a level door and go to the 2end level and go back for the first... how do i instead of starting in the bed (like in the begining of the game) start right next to the door?

thank you...
On level doors' settings you can set the level you want to go and PlayerStartArea you want to spawn. So place a PlayerStartArea next to the door and write it as targeted PSA.

For checkpoints, you can search, the code and examples. You have to activate the PSA with a function.

Monster spawn, idk.
As far as I know, when you die and monsters "disappear", the game is simply removing/ignoring callbacks which activate said entity. To counter this, just re-add the callback in the spawn function that is called when a player dies.