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I know, I've triedConfused. Over the summer, between semesters in college, I'll have some time to really look at everything and take a good look at all the tutorial videos. I might get into it then.
Hello guys.

I'm waiting for released of expansion pack "Amnesia : Justine" in another way than Steam... Do you know when it will release by the way?

Thank you.
I think Jens said it would be hopefully be released tomorrow.
Otherwise later.
Any day now.

If you have some informations, please, could you post here the information?

Jens posted on Thursday that they were working on it plus some bug fixes in a holistic patch. They've only had 4 work days since then (Th-Tu-We-Th).
It's coming out any day now, patience.
Oooo! Getting antsy over here!
So it's true it's only 20 minutes long, and has no save points or checkpoints?

I'd play ANYTHING that Frictional releases, but I must say I'm glad Justine is free.
It'll have save and checkpoints. It didn't have because other way getting potato would be too easy.
And... I heard, there are a Bundle. "The Potato Sack Game". Actually this pack gathered 13 Indies games. And this 13 games, there are 36 potatoes to be collected... And we'll get some features for Portal 2... I don't understand what...

Just see that;