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The Potato Sack and collectibles were part of the ARG prior to the release of Portal 2. It's done now.
Oh... Thanks.
Is it out yet? Sad
Any day now.
Well, its fifth time I say this Tongue
Guys jens already stated that they are making a installer for it. And it should be released by tomorow or saturday
I have to go out of town today, and will be back late tonight. If Justine isn't available by then I'm gonna... I'M GONNA...! I guess, I'll just keep waiting...
Yup, I'm ready to rock too. It almost makes you want to install Windows/Steam and all the virus/malware reboot garbage just to play this between reboots and warnings. Well, okay, no that's just crazy talk.
You could, ah, install steam over WINE without Windows?
Gah! Still no Justine?! I have stuff to do tomorrow!
Yeah, I can't wait to try it...