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in a couple centuries, because frictional gets tired of people complaining about it
(05-15-2011, 07:08 PM)ZxBrad Wrote: [ -> ]I was just thinking here. It might be stupid. But justine is out for steam users. Sooo the non steam users dont have the files for the justine content. So a steam user can just upload their justine folder and upload it to mediafire or sumthing and put it as a full conversion custom story or sumthing like that. And BAM we get to play it early. without that... surprise that frictional games promised for non steam users

there is definitely, but if you keep talking about it you're gonna get the mods on yur tail
(05-16-2011, 03:45 AM)nofsky Wrote: [ -> ]Justine is using at least one new scripting function which isn't present in the original Amnesia so yes, you need an updated Amnesia.exe to play it.
That's not the only thing.
All the maps and scripts are compressed, ciphered and encrypted, so they can only be read by the Amnesia.exe from Steam, which can only run on Steam AFAIK.
And it would be piracy anyway. (I am not accusing you of promoting piracy, I am simply stating the facts)
Im done. Lol i didnt even comment back to all this. It was a no. i was just thinking. If a mod is reading this can u delete this thread. I dont know how to lol
how long should this story be? Tongue just wondering xD
Fastest time I read someone finished it was around 20-30 minutes.
yes you can finish it really fast if you know what to do and where to go.
(05-17-2011, 07:03 PM)xiphirx Wrote: [ -> ]Apjjm finished it in 4:30, .

yes but he uses a bug to do this of course. Check it out at 3:10.