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I think that's just it. To build some tension and make you worry.
It's called Ambiance 29, here's a link:

EDIT: Oh, thought you were looking for the track.
The duct is too ger for a monsterWink
But it's a scary moment!
(05-20-2011, 12:51 AM)KavazovAngel Wrote: [ -> ]Bad design choice.
It is telling that this confuses nearly everyone that plays Justine
I thought perhaps it was a special monster - or a Shadow chase scene... certainly tense nonetheless. Also thought I was being attacked after landing (slash of red on screen), before realizing it was just the fall.
Every time Frictional introduces something new, I'm terrified. I knew the normal monster AI wasn't smart enough to be in a duct with me, but I was honestly scared the first time that they had coded something new (like the spiders in Penumbra) that would follow me in the ducts. Goes to show what masters they are at building tension and leaving the imagination up to the creation of horror.
First time through I thought maybe they'd spawned a monster behind me, but yeah the illusion didn't last long.
That is Tapio's work, we are trying to get him to do more and more sounds and me less and less Wink
yes it sounds very real, great job to all the sound makers!Cool

Spoiler below!
Sometimes I think I'm hearing Daniels breathing instead of Justines but maybe that's only me!Big Grin
An illusion has more horror than a real monster.