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I prefer the Dark Descent. While I like Justine and I'm happy that they made the puzzles more difficult than in Dark Descent, I must say that the No-Save thing annoys me greatly. In fact, I haven´t finished Justine yet. If I have time tomorrow, I´m gonna make the fourth attempt to do so.
I'm not sure it's a fair question since they're both the same game just different stories
The question is not fair. Justine is a DLC, actually an update of the main game. They cannot be compared.
When Justine pants and gasps she still sounds like Daniel... sounds a bit too manly Tongue
I think I actually preferred Justine a little more in some aspects. The length of the experience was just perfect for one play through and made me want to keep going to see how the story unfolded even though i was still scared shit less.
Wait... what is the potato room? Why is it called that? Are you referring to the area right after the slides puzzle, through the opened bookcase?
Cells: 6
Tunnels: 5
Library: 2
Potato Room: 7
Dungeon: 8 - I kept expecting Lurky to pop up.
Dungeon chase: 10 - Damn, that was intense! I had a pulse of 180 by the time it was done.
Crypt: 3
Trap Room: 10! 10! 10! - I was running around in panicked circles, chanting "ohmygod!ohmygod!ohmygod!"
As in the DLC Justine turn on the votes in the subtitles?
Not displayed:
Spoiler below!
<Entry Name="alois_idle_01">Is that you, I hear?</Entry>
    <Entry Name="alois_idle_02">Why did this happen?</Entry>
    <Entry Name="alois_idle_03">Come back!</Entry>
    <Entry Name="alois_discover_01">Is that you, my love?</Entry>
    <Entry Name="alois_discover_02">You came for me.</Entry>
    <Entry Name="alois_attack_01">Stay!</Entry>
    <Entry Name="alois_attack_02">Don't leave again!</Entry>
    <Entry Name="alois_death_01">Hush, hush, princess.</Entry>
    <Entry Name="alois_giveup_01">Where did you go? Come back?</Entry>
    <Entry Name="alois_giveup_02">Please, come back.</Entry>
    <Entry Name="basile_idle_01">I will find you.</Entry>
    <Entry Name="basile_idle_02">I will kill you - you cunt.</Entry>
    <Entry Name="basile_idle_03">Keep making those sounds.</Entry>
    <Entry Name="basile_discover_01">Aha! You won't get away this time.</Entry>
    <Entry Name="basile_discover_02">I have you now!</Entry>
    <Entry Name="basile_attack_01">Get over here!</Entry>
    <Entry Name="basile_attack_02">I'll rip your head off!</Entry>
    <Entry Name="basile_death_01">You thought, you'd get away, didn't you?</Entry>
    <Entry Name="basile_giveup_01">I found you once - I'll find you again.</Entry>
    <Entry Name="basile_giveup_02">This isn't over yet.</Entry>
    <Entry Name="malo_idle_01">Justine, let me taste you.</Entry>
    <Entry Name="malo_idle_02">I grow tired of my own flesh.</Entry>
    <Entry Name="malo_idle_03">I can't believe this is what it feels like.</Entry>
    <Entry Name="malo_discover_01">I see you.</Entry>
    <Entry Name="malo_discover_02">Bonjour!</Entry>
    <Entry Name="malo_attack_01">Come here!</Entry>
    <Entry Name="malo_attack_02">I want you!</Entry>
    <Entry Name="malo_giveup_01">Hide and seek, hide and seek.</Entry>
    <Entry Name="malo_giveup_02">Come out, you'll like what I have planned.</Entry>

Minor spoilers:

I'm going to go out on limb and say that I preferred Justine. Obviously ATDD has the advantage of pacing and having a larger number of puzzles, but considering the length and effort put into each game overall I liked Justine more.

I thought Justine's story was a lot more believable/logical, and also more interesting, than Daniel's. There are no "magical" orbs, no trudging through a giant castle without knowing where you're going, no paranormal events or supernatural monsters. The enemies in Justine are human just like you, and are in fact of your own creation.

Although it closely follows the Portal formula, I thought the way the story was structured worked perfectly. I found the concept of testing yourself through moral choices intriguing, and also enjoyed playing as a crazy psychotic torturer.

I also enjoyed the way the puzzles in Justine fitted in with the story. Let's be honest, if the Shadow was chasing you, would you really run all over an unfamiliar castle looking for spare parts to fix an elevator? I like a good puzzle as much as the next man, but sometimes in ATDD I felt that the puzzle sections existed simply to give you something else to do besides running from monsters, rather than because they contributed to the story.

ATDD and Justine are two of the best horror experiences I have ever had, but if FG make another horror game I hope they will follow Justine's model and encompass a more realistic storyline.
Those are what enemies say in the Justine DLC. They start to talk when they are enough near.