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They say, but no subtitles. How close should they be?
There are no subtitles, those are unused.
All of the Penumbra and Amnesia content is exceptional. I did like Black Plague a lot though, not sure if more so than Amnesia. But yeah I don't think you can count Justine as its own game for this question, since it's basically 'Amnesia with a twist'. Both are great and Justine was a thrill because I got to experience again what it was like to play Amnesia through for the first time. That first time is always the best. I kinda miss being an Amnesia virgin...
It's obvious that she is not a normal woman.
It's my first time to see such a poll where you vote a DLC over main game.
(05-24-2011, 12:40 AM)nofsky Wrote: [ -> ]When Justine pants and gasps she still sounds like Daniel... sounds a bit too manly Tongue

sometimes, rarely though, I hear daniel instead of her but anyway...
The Dark Descent is better but hey, Justine is only an expansion. I wasnt as scared in Justine as I was in the main game, but maybe thats because Im way more experienced with the game now, so I can anticipate the scares. Except some ... wich scared the shit out of me.
Well, The Justine monster isnt that smart because he can't see anything (you have to figure out whi by yourself) but he reacts to sound very easily
(05-24-2011, 09:53 AM)jens Wrote: [ -> ]There are no subtitles, those are unused.

I shouldn't have translated them then, anyway.Undecided
Prison Cells - 6
The game just started...What could possibly go wro- holy crap!!
Narrow Tunnels - 9
The tension!
Library - 8
All those statues... staring at me.. there's something behind the door.. Also, who the hell hangs a painting of a naked tortured man?
Potato Room - 6
sneaking around, that monster was surprisingly forgiving.
Sewers - 8
This is instense, walking carefuly through the water, but fast enough to escape.