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Well, without spoiling anything:

1st person: Tricky
2nd person: Easy-peasy
3rd person: Hard

Fascinating...I agree the first one was kinda tricky (though not oppressively tough), but I found the second one to be incredibly difficult and the third one to be easy-peasy. I'm always amused by the fact that puzzles I find easy stump others, and puzzles that stump ME are breezed through by others.

I played Justine in a sick fog, and just couldn't figure out the second person. I feel kinda stupid for admitting it, really, as I'm usually pretty good with puzzles.

I haven't had a chance to replay it, but I am determined to beat that second puzzle without a walkthrough.
The first one is only tricky if you can't decide if you want the... quick and easy way out of the section, or the more difficult and rewarding one.
Okay so I completed it at my friends house and I didn't get the ending? My friend said it had something to do with Glados out of portal, but I don't understand... Is it just a jokey around thing which was implimented to the game just to mess with our heads? Can someone explain it to me please.
Spoiler below!
Afaik the ending depends on who you save.
I read somewhere that you need to complete the game 100%. What that means is you need to collect all the notes, listen to all the phonographs, save everyone and check those items in the crypt.

Or you can just click here and skip to end (at your own risk of spoiling it)
I didn't want to create a new thread, so I will ask this here:

What is the year Justine is set on? I think it can't be the same 1840's or something like that, because the phonograph was only introduced in 1877, and it was upgraded to the one that is in amnesia only in 80s, so it could be 1880-1900?
Thats cool... I never knew about this ending.
I assume it happens around 1839 since...

Spoiler below!
You find that note from Daniel asking about the orb

Though I suppose it could have happened during anytime. And it's probable that FG didn't care too much about historical accuracy. Tongue
(06-05-2011, 03:55 PM)graykin Wrote: [ -> ]I assume it happens around 1839 since...

That's why we have a note from 1858?