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(06-05-2011, 04:35 PM)Tanshaydar Wrote: [ -> ]
(06-05-2011, 03:55 PM)graykin Wrote: [ -> ]I assume it happens around 1839 since...

That's why we have a note from 1858?

I guess we do.
Well, if it happens before 1880's, it's really unrealistic...
I thought I was supposed to kill them all. It's funnier to kill them, also.
There were prototypes/predecessors to the phonograph as early as the 1840s-1850's, so it makes some albeit limited sense to have them in Justine. They don't really fit in Amnesia at all. However, perhaps the developers were banking on the fact that both Castle Brennenburg and this location in Justine were equipped with some technology superseding its time. Or, like others said, they simply weren't that historically meticulous.
I thought Justine was set in 1858, France.
As it turns out (!) it was in 1839, Prussia...
You know what else is pretty unrealistic?

Spoiler below!
A haunted mansion, a deadly orb guardian, stranded aliens.

Or lets go even more basic; Perfect stealth from staring at a wall, going from insane to crystal clear by finding a couple of keys, healing yourself from physical injury by chugging a few potions.
(05-30-2011, 05:59 AM)Skandis Wrote: [ -> ]Here's how I did it:
Spoiler below!

Close the door to the guy just so it hits below water level. You should hear a sound splash. On the exit door, just wind it up enough so you can crouch underneath it; it'll take a lot less time.

Also remember that if you save the guy, the monster will break down the entrace pretty much when you start spinning the exit wheel (can't remember if the same occours when not saving him). The mob is stupid as all hell though, so you should have plenty of time to finish up before you get killed.

Here's how I did it:
Spoiler below!

Dump him there.


So I played it again and got up to
Spoiler below!
the water.

It turns out I saved the first man completely by accident, and I had to look up a walkthrough for the second one (still barely understand anything amidst all the random clues you get).

But the fucking water. I cannot go further than that. I never get scared to the point of not continuing in any game. Justine has fucking broken me in two. Great job, FG.

I've had to correct like twenty typos while typing this because my entire body is still experiencing tremors.
Prison cells = 8
Was constantly glancing over at the door the monster left through and thought he would come back running when he realized I had escaped from my cell, so I got so stressed trying to find the exit.

Tunnels = 3
Meh, wasn't that scary becasue I knew the monster couldn't crouch, and most certainly not climb up ladders.

Library = 5
This room reminded me of one of the rooms in the custom map wake. The puzzle here took me a while because I'm a dumbass. Wasn't that scary though, the only scare was the monster pounding at the barricaded door.

Potato room = 6
Wasn't that scary because I expected a monster to come after the library. It was a bit tricky to avoid him without being seen though, because I had lit up the whole first room and ran back to the start when he appeared.

Sewers = 9
I was not expecting a monster so soon after the potato room so he scared the shit out of me when he appeared, was expecting lurky to come though. Then I didn't realize you could close the lever doors behind you, and it was a pain in the ass avoiding the monster all the time Tongue Unfortunately I died the first time playing this one because I couldn't see shit infront of me when I was carrying the cog and ran straight into the monster Big Grin The chase was intense though, was so close dying at the end but barely made it.
Prison Cells. 9
I only heard the monster, and the sounds were pretty horrifying ;__; Hid in a cell and stared at the wall, kept worrying he'd come back! I "rage quit" a lot here cause I was too much of a baby to continue playing.

Narrow Tunnels. 5
The moans were freaky, but I figured I'd be okay.

Library: 6
Calmest area... until I walked up to the door and the suitor started banging on it Sad

Potato Room: 10
I couldn't move for a long, long time. Probably took me twenty minutes to get through this part. I just inched along the wall lol. Nearly shat myself when I accidentally knocked over the chair by the door, turned around, and saw him charging at me. I thought I was dead, but I reached the door in time.

Sewers: 10
Horrifying! Crazy tense trying to save the man while also trying to save yourself! And those awful splashes... I kept expecting him to be right behind me (and he probably was); I never cared to look behind me lol.

Yeah, I'm a giant pansy.