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Prison Cells - 7
This part (including the introduction to the game) made me really nervous. The fact that it had the same atmosphere as The Dark Descent gave chills to my spine. The monster appearance was unexpected, and freaked me out. I pity the guy i killed on my first playthrough.

Narrow Tunnels - 7
Narrow. Small. Limited. And the monster screaming when you slowly go through here made me really stressed. Didn't even look back, just moved straight on.

Library - 4
This one was clearly alot more chill. The monster replica statues made me sweat a little, but wasn't a huge deal. The slam on the door in the room at the back made me run Tongue (and hide)

Potato Room - 9
Gaaah. Once the torch went out i hid in one of the corners and tried desperatly to dodge the Grunt who patrolled endlessly. Once i lost patience i made a Leeroy and prayed. The Grunt noticed me and chased me, but i was luck on the running and made it out Tongue A total heart raiser!

Sewers - 10
Obviously the scariest part of the expansion. The fact that you have a limited amount of time to turn those wheels before Mr. Grunt comes and pats your back, made it hellish Big Grin The music, with the Grunt slamming on the door together with me running with that cogwheel and turning those wheels... It was a long time ago i experienced that kind of stressful horror. Which i find a beauty in, takes me back to Silent Hill 2 Smile

The sewer part is the most scared I've been in a videogame.. mainly because before playing it, I saw someone else playing it die there.. So I was worrying about getting to that part before I got there, and in the end I still died and had to start over >.<
Prison Cells - 6
After walking into the first cell on the left, I heard a noise and thought, no way it's a monster, it's just a scary noise. I then walked outside and IT WAS RIGHT THERE!

Narrow Tunnels - 4

Library - 5
I didn't expect a monster, and didn't get one, except for the one banging on the door.

Potato Room - 8
OH SNAP suitor patrolling = not good. then when I got near the dungeon entrance, scary music started and I was like NOPE.

Dungeon - 11
Scariest area in a video game.

Crypt - 5
Lots of disappearing bodies.

Creepy halls - 6
Will something happen? Not really.

Wasn't too bad, I knew I would be okay.
The solution to the Justine slide puzzle to save the second guy just doesn't make sense to me. I read the notes in detail and carefully looked and the slides, but when I put in what I thought what the solution was, it didn't work. I'm usually good at puzzles like this. Of course, I eventually figured it out after lots of tries, but... it just doesn't make sense in my mind. Could someone explain why the solution is what it is?
Spoiler below!
You have to put slide 3 and slide 4 into the slide puzzle lock then pull the lever.
He's not looking for the solution, but the reasoning behind the solution. How you're supposed to figure it out from the clues.
TBH I got it by pure blind luck *shrug* So I can't enlighten you Sad
There are notes corresponding to the images displayed on the sliders when you put them in the projector. The notes give references to slides 3 and 4.
I figured the notes referenced 3 and 4, but how?
Yeah I didn't understand that either... how do you get the answer of slider 4 & 3 from the notes?
That is one that got me thinking as well.
I got it on my first try, although that was mostly guesswork.

I am replaying that part right now, trying to figure out what it is.

I came up with some stuff.
I haven't thought all of this over and I probably missed a quite few things.
But anyway. Here you go:
Spoiler below!

1: A man with open arms. Facing left. (X)
2: A man with a sword. Facing left. (Kills the prisoner)
3: A praying man. Facing right. (2)
4: A man who sees things he likes. Facing right. (1)

On this next piece you should be looking for some divine inspiration. Time to delve into your spiritual side.
What do you see? Is the man begging for mercy or is he being blessed.
Perhaps both! Father used to say, there were no right answers.
Have the light guide you.

Using the Puzzle Lock has proven more difficult as she tends to always choose two slides with characters facing the same way. I have asked her why this is, but she doesn't seem to fully understand what I am asking.

==The prisoner==
You can easily figure out he is a priest.
A lot of what he says hints at it, and if you look at the right wall you can see a picture of a prisoner. (the golden cross neclase is the hint)

==Soul Journal Entries==
Justine, age 8
Today I played outside with Clarice. We saw a bird pick at a snail. It carried it off and landed on the lawn fence. The snail had a shell and it cracked. Clarice cried and I comforted her.
The new maid heard us and came out and scolded Clarice for playing with me, the bird took off into the air.

Today I was the one with open arms.

Justine, age 9
Today I played with the slides from father's Light Box. Above all I like the man standing to the right. Father asked why.
I said, he see things he likes.

Today I was the right one.

Justine, age 10
Father said I picked the wrong slide yesterday when I made the chambermaid cry. He wanted me to pick the one with the sword, while I picked the man on the right.
I never pick the one with the sword.

Today I was the one kneeling.

Justine, age 11
Today father came for me in my room. I still couldn't look him in the eyes. He said I shouldn't feel ashamed and that I only tried to fill the void left by mother.
When he wasn't looking I took the star stone from his collection.

Today I was the one with the sword.

She hates the man with the sword, and if you choose it, the prisoner dies instantly.

The right combination consists of two men facing the same direction as hinted at in the results note. (Justine was the one who choosed the new combination for the current puzzle)
The man who sees things he likes (4) is obviously one of the required ones. It is also Justines favorite. She picks it when she is happy. Thus it goes into the first one.
You are asked whether he is begging for mercy (praying) or is being blessed. (phonograph)
The one with open arms is blessed but something died that day (the snail), and Clarice cried.
He is also a priest so praying (begging for mercy) is obvious.

If you choose any other combination he is tortured. Except for the right combination. If you fail four times he dies.