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That's why I said in my opinion =P

Prison Cells: 4 I was pretty sure I could be safe if I hid in the cell
Narrow Tunnels: 6 Though the ceiling vent event was scripted, I was nervous for a bit. Then I realized nothing could really get me.
Library: 2 Not much to be scared of in there. I was too focused on the puzzle!
Potato Room: 7 I was too nervous to move. The music near the level door made me scared the most.
Sewers: 9 I was panicking like crazy. I died maybe 4 times by the one patrolling suitor. I eventually looked up a tutorial to pass him after that. I'M SORRY.
Dark Narrow Corridor: 5 Scary, but not too scary. With my speed, I had a feeling no one was going to come after me.
Finally beat Justine, so now I can post here.

Prison Cells: 4 I was expecting the Suitor when you enter that one cell, but I was not expecting him to be around the corner near the broken ladder.

Narrow Tunnels: 3 I freaked out at first, but then nothing happened, so I was like 'meh'

Library: 2 The door banging was a little creepy, but it was mostly puzzle focus there.

Potato Room: 5 It took me forever to realize that looking at the Suitor wouldn't alert him to you, so I squeezed myself back in this little corner for a good ten minutes the first time I played. Other than that, he was pretty easy to get past... Then came the chase music at the end O.O!

Sewers: 10 It literally took me 8 tries to get passed him, I had to look up tips to realize you could close the door and even then I was still panicking too much to get some of the doors to close or open. Definitely the highlight of the game.

Corridor and Final Room: 8 I was freaking out the whole time, thinking that I was going to have to start all over again, but then, yeah.

Feels so good to have finally beaten it!
Well, when I played it:
Prison Cells: 2 (quite felt like something was about to pop up)
Narrow Tunnels: 1 (didn't catch me)
Library: 1 (too much puzzle focus)
Potato Room: 3 (got me a little scared, but nothing too bad)
Sewers: 5.5 (It was quite scary, but the running and all that made me enjoy the experience)
Corridor And Final Room: 4 in Corridor, 6 in Final Room.

It had some scares, but it wasn't as scary as Amnesia, which sparked me to at least 8.75 once.
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Prison Cells. 7

Oh it left time for me to explore *accidentally rings the bell* GAWD leave me alone.

Narrow Tunnels. 3

Not that scary as it was behind me all the times I played running so hard kinda reminded me of slender though.

Library: 2
Extremely relaxed setting nice dia projector for watching my own slides, killed the priest but well I'm a bad girl ain't I.

Potato Room: 8

Threw the potatoes to distract that motherfucker then ran in an attempt to find the exit desperately looking I was walking everywhere but getting nowhere.
I found a door it was the wrong one.
I actually died there and had to start over multiple times 3 time I found the right door though.

Sewers. 6

I failed this so much.
As I though I would be safe after closing the door.
It was still there and there was another door.
But how come that thing is so rapid in water I mean there is a wheel around his neck and I'm a young woman which is in torturing good condition.
Cool justine you can go to me and i save you Big Grin rock sad but troll Cool

Prison cells = 7

I dont know where i are at the beginning. I hear scariest sounds and later i see a new monster and the horror scene to i can open the ladders...

Narrow tunnels = 9

The tunnels, shit this part, in all scary moans i look behind me, the shit ilumination and the tight tunnel. ahh!!!

Library = 3 (if you kill the men = 5)

Everything seems cool untill I killed a man, I was getting really nervous what's gonna happen.

Potato Room = 100

shit the monster. shit the dark. mhhnnnnn!!! AHHH IS Behind me!!! FOCK RUNN!!!

sewers = 9

I don't like being chased, especially when they are trying to eat you!


Amnesia the dark descent = 9,5

The dark, the monsters, the wather, the big fock meats in the walls, the sounds, the momentos, the letters, the events ... welldonnnn frictional you creat a nice big ever scariest game of all moments.
(05-23-2011, 09:20 PM)Sikologus Wrote: [ -> ]Cells = 3
Narrow Tunnels = 5
Library = 7
Potato Room = 9
Sewer = 7
Worst part that give me a huge chock for me was the libary where suddently someone knocks on the barricaded door.... man..
From the very beginning it was clear that Justine is not about classical horror and more some kind of an experiment with the depth of player involvement into a game world. When I realized that my mistakes or victories directly impact on the helpless characters, on their life or death, I became very cautious in my decisions. And that's what was scary! I didn't expect that my decisions as a player could be so critically important. That was real panic, am I just killed a man?!?

I was wondering how the song la rose et l'abeille (the song mentioned in the newspaper article in Amnesia:Justine) sounds like? I googled it, but I couldn't really find much information, except for the fact the song exists. Wink

There's also a video on Youtube, but as far as I understand the comments (some of them are in French) it's another song. Any ideas where I could find it?