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You should edit the title so that no one will stumble to this thread and get spoiled.
But...But it's marked as spoiler!
(04-29-2013, 11:52 AM)Tiger Wrote: [ -> ]But...But it's marked as spoiler!

Wait, it is?
Yep, definitely marked.
I have to re-type my entire reply seeing as my browser decided to be a jerk once again.

(04-28-2013, 09:56 PM)darkely Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks everyone there is one more thing I still don't understand though: if I am indeed playing as Justine then why is it the recordings that you hear are by Justine? she even says something like "don't bother looking for me, because this is a voice from the past" implying that she is dead. I am still very confused that I am actually Justine and not someone else. How or why would she make those recordings for herself?!
At first the story leads you into thinking you're just some random prisoner, but towards the end it implies that you are actually Justine. It is really confusing me. I'm going to do a second play through of it today.

She knows by previous experimenting that the overdose will give her a temporary amnesia effect, and she takes advantage of this by tricking herself into thinking she is imprisoned by someone else, a villain that she cannot control. The study requires that she must do this. By believing that she is trapped in a terrifying and life threatening situation, that she is an innocent prisoner during it all, she has the best possible grounds for studying her own psyche. If she knew that she herself stood for the entire act, she would risk jeopardizing the entire study and its results, seeing as it would be partially biased and not as fresh and threatening of an experience as it should have been. She chose to remove any sense of security (as far as it was possible, anyhow), which would include to make her believe she was being tested/surveilled by a wicked villain. ^^

(04-28-2013, 10:16 PM)darkely Wrote: [ -> ]Then there is the age issue. Though the recordings make Justine sound older the story (like in the first area) leads the player to thinking she is actually younger. Like how her friends "play" together down there. Then in the last part where you're called for dinner by the maid/servant one would think that a child would be called to dinner...

Hmm. Correct me if I am wrong, as I have not played this expansion pack for a while, but I believe the notes regarding her childhood are describing events of the past. This can be confirmed by the fact that the same notes describe her talking to her father, while toward the ending, she talks about how she eventually decided to kill him.

One of Justine's prisoners still refer to Justine as a child, a twisted one at that, but that might have been intended as barely underage, mentally ill or simply much younger than the prisoner himself.
I have a question regarding the message "Plummet through the ancient city" that's written in the Crypt's wall, almost at the end of the tunnels.

I read in the Amnesia Wikia that "unlike the rest of the blood messages this one is written in chalk", but I've watched walkthrough videos on YouTube where the message is written in blood (like this one), and in others it's written in chalk (for example, this one).

Does anyone know the reason for this difference?
C'mon on, Amnesia geeks out there, does any of you know the answer to my question? Pweez... Shy

I've just finished replaying the game, and the message "Plummet through the ancient city" is shown in red, not in white.

I wanted it to be in white... *weeps*
Give me about 10 minutes and I'll do a few speed runs :3

Actually, I just looked through my map and it is indeed written in blood on my end, and there also does not seem to be a inactive white chalk text or something.. perhaps maybe it was originally in blood then made into chalk or vice versa?
I just finished Justine. As a small expansion level, I thought it was interesting and solid overall, although the permadeath bothered me.

Now, this might be laziness on my part, or poor reading comprehension, but I have to admit I just don't understand the story. We can start with:

Who recorded the phonograph speeches?

Does the game take place in real time or Justine's imagination?

What is the connection to the first game?

What is the purpose of the phonograph missing a cylinder?

Really, I understood very little. Those are the questions that stand out, but I'm pretty sure a concise synopsis of the game would do the trick equally well.

I'd really appreciate any responses. thanks!
There is no connection to the first game.

You are Justine. Justine is the one on the phonograph. She made herself forget I believe... And the suitors are the men that she tortured and tested their love for her.
I'll answer your questions, but this thread may be of help:

(05-19-2013, 07:27 AM)Batman55 Wrote: [ -> ]Who recorded the phonograph speeches?

Spoiler below!

Justine did. Justine had left these messages in order to push herself through the Cabinet of Perturbation (or in laymen's; the basement) and to get her to test her own psyche, or rather the player's decision making skills.

The fact that Justine is pretty stuffed in the head anyways is perhaps why she went through such an experiment. She had endured a tough childhood and possibly decided that it was time she started over, but she would in the end have to conclude she cannot hide her past.

(05-19-2013, 07:27 AM)Batman55 Wrote: [ -> ]Does the game take place in real time or Justine's imagination?

Spoiler below!

The game does take place in real time, mimicked by the fact that death is indeed final.

(05-19-2013, 07:27 AM)Batman55 Wrote: [ -> ]What is the connection to the first game?

Spoiler below!

The connection is extremely slim, however there is a note from Daniel which had been delivered to Justine. Despite the fact that the note's date is incorrect if you were really strict about the storyline of TDD, it shows that Justine was indeed a mutual friend of Daniel's despite that they had never met. Herbert had told Daniel about Justine and had in fact asked for Justine to contact him.

It is evident that she did not as she is not made referral to in any way in TDD.

(05-19-2013, 07:27 AM)Batman55 Wrote: [ -> ]What is the purpose of the phonograph missing a cylinder?

Spoiler below!

The phonograph's missing Cylinder can be found on a small balcony like area in the (architecturally from the front prison door) back left corner, accessible by climbing with well placed boxes and/or barrels. In other means, the cell in which spawns the suitor in the far cell, above that. It is located in the back corner.

Place that into the Phonograph with the missing cylinder. It will play a message of interaction between Justine and Alois, or the second suitor.