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Anyone else pick up on the various Portal similarities?

Spoiler below!
- The game is divided up into different test chambers, of sorts.
- The chambers were set up to study how the test subject behaves in different situations.
- You are guided through the tests by a questionably-helpful disembodied female voice.
- After getting through the test chambers, it appears that you are going to be killed.
- The final phonograph* is visually very similar to GLaDOS. In particular, this interpretation.
- Obviously, the "still alive" quote at the end of a complete playthrough.

I'm sure there are more - anyone else got some?

*Yes, my computer is very old.
(04-13-2011, 05:45 PM)maestro26316 Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-13-2011, 03:52 PM)Gharren Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone know how to save the guy in chamber 1?
Can't find a way, and I'm really near despair Big Grin

Just don't kill him and build your way out of the chamber.

Yup, finally made it.
Such an easy way to solve the puzzle, shame on me I did not figure it out by myself. Big Grin
Does anyone know what GLaDOS says at the end? I couldn't get the first word:

Spoiler below!
*Something* operates in the pacific triangle

Does anyone know what that 'something' is?
Any info on who the voice actors & actresses for the Justine expansion story are?

I'm particularly curious about our dear disembodied voice, because she sounds awfully familiar to me (though I'm bad at placing voices, sadly).
In the credits it shows all the voices in the game, I know jon st john does 2 of the voices I didn't recognize any other people.
D'oh! I really want to say my game crashed at the credits, but I just completely forgot about watching those till the end. [/end smart move] Anyway, thanks for the info!

...And since I already made the topic I'm just going to go ahead and C&P the names for anyone curious and too lazy to look it up elsewhere:

Emily Corkery as Justine
Jon St. John as Victor
Scotty Campbell as Alois
Eric Newsome as Hector
Jon St. John as Basile
Jeff Buchanan as Malo
Marc Biagi as Felix
Lani Minella as Clarice
The first Victim sounds like Dr. Kleiner....
Jon St. John is the Duke Nukem voice actor, that's pretty cool.
(04-16-2011, 09:44 PM)Serena Wrote: [ -> ]The first Victim sounds like Dr. Kleiner....

HAHAHA! So true!
Can somebody please tell me all the things/insults that the monsters in Justine say? I know a few like:"Im gonna kill you cunt" or something like that. And when he attacks you he says:"You fucking killed me didn't you?" What are the others?