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Full Version: A Grunt Ragdoll
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Thanks for this, Bigzy! I can see this being used in some interesting ideas in future custom stories. :]
I love you. Could you post a tutorial on how you did this? I'm very interested D:
hmm... download not working?
Looks like you found out about rigging, woot!
Awesome! I plan to use it in my upcoming custom story Le Meutrier (The Murderer). I'll make sure to give you some credit in the credits. Smile
Very nice Big Grin
Awsome. Too bad I dont make stories xD
I put up an alternate download.

Basically, I took the grunt model to maya, stripped all the animations and imported it out, since you can't connect joints to bodies if they have animations. Then I just put it in the model editor, added bodies to different body parts, and added specific joints between each part, specific to how the body moves. I could write an actual tutorial for a general ragdoll I guess if you need details.
Brute rag... wait, no, he's too awesome and tough to be dead.
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