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Full Version: The Dark Mod (Thief style total conversion)
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Hi there!

I am posting here to help promote my favorite game modification "The Dark Mod". It's a total conversion mod that turns Doom 3 into a stealthy steam-punk game similar to the classic Thief series (Thief 1 & 2). Traditionally the folks who own Doom 3 aren't big stealth fans and aren't keen on the alternate-history setting of The Dark Mod... while Thief fans are a bit more receptive many are not willing to chance a purchase of Doom 3 to try the mod. I thought that since there are many Amnesia and Penumbra fans amongst the Thief and Dark Mod communities that I would create a thread here to see if there is a mutual respect and to introduce the mod to a new audience.

(Above image from Bikerdude's mission "St Alban's Cathedral"

I also see that Amnesia has begun a "fan mission" tradition. Thief 2 players have 900 of them for their game. The Dark Mod is an extension of that tradition and there are currently over 35 fan missions.

If I were to name a Dark Mod mission that has a sufficient horror element to appeal to Amnesia fans for that aspect, I would recommend trying Sotha's "The Glenham Tower" (from his 5 mission Thomas Porter series).

The Dark Mod site:
Moddb presence:

Are you familiar with The Dark Mod?

Please share your thoughts.


If you want a taste of the game, one of the veteran players "lowenz" has made some videos here:
The Thief games are absolute gaming heaven, I love them. I have no interest in Doom 3 but I've been following the Dark Mod for some years now. I hope I can find Doom 3 somewhere for cheap, so I can play it soon.
Melan's latest mission, "Fiasco at Fauchard Street", was created as a Speed-building exercise. He documented the creation process, diary style, over at The Dark Mod forums.

I have conducted a brief interview to discuss Melan's Thief and TDM design and building processes.


The Dark Mod version 1.06 has been released.

Notable additions:

Multi-Mission Campaign Support
Mac OSX support
New Inventor and BlackSmith AI
AI now relight Torches, Candles, and Electric lights
Savegames are now compressed
More support for Multi-Monitor configurations like Eyefinity


The final "Seasons Contest" entries have been released!!!
This game/mod is definitely in my queue, looks like lots of love has gone into it.
Very interesting game, indeed. I will definitely give it a try. Smile
Thanks guys!

To help spread awareness of this project, please visit the following Digg link and comment or Digg.

After 3yrs of work, The Dark Mod's Lead Artist, Springheel, has released his first mission "A Score to Settle".

(The quality is through the roof!)
Thanks for the update! Big Grin
Springheel, the team's lead artist, has responded to a short interview to follow-up with his mission release:
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