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Full Version: (V1.2) Tetris: The dark descent
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[Image: SZVN5.png]

This custom story uses amnesia to create a game of Tetris. Believe it or not, such a task actually pushes the scripting a little out of it's comfort zone - as there is no way to (easily) teleport entities, or poll the keyboard, or even display a score. An amusing little alternative to horrifying yourself.

The following controls are assuming standard key-mappings:
W: Rotate the current block peice / start new game
A: Move current block left
D: Move current block right
S: Speed up the block (for extra points).
Note that the game looks best when your gamma is set up properly.

[Image: X6gFts.jpg][Image: VjElHs.jpg][Image: cmEaEs.jpg]
Video: Youtube

Mod DB Page
Mediafire (V1.2)

Old versions:
Mediafire (V1.1)
Mediafire (V1.0)

Known issues:
  • Game over-text not central. I kinda like the position now, not Fixing this.

Comments, suggestions, bug-reports & feedback much appreciated!
Epic! I just got done playing my first game and all I can say is... how? Big Grin

That is really ingenious, actually! I would have never thought of Tetris being made with the Amnesia engine.

This is brilliant, good sir. I hope you make more like this in the future!
This was awesome. Just an idea: Could you somehow have a parameter to play a sound when the lines clear? If so, I think grunt sounds for a "Tetris" (Clearing 4 lines at one) would be awesome.
Lol Wut!? This is even possible lmfao!?

This is great hehe
oh my God tetris? realy? LOL
I am both horrified and pleased.
Horrified that this is possible and that you made it happen.
Pleased that you made it happen and it's still such fun in an Amnesia sort of way.

I love it! This will definitely be a good form of calming down after a good scare.
Oh my god. Tetris AND amnesia ?! Best easter eva! You are very creative my good man.
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