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Full Version: Happy Easter!
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How's everyone's day so far? What are you doing today for Easter?
Working. And trying to work on an amnesia parody. Already spent time with the family yesterday, so the celebration already happened. :p
Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

No plans other than nursing off this hang-over with some coffee and nicotine. Generally I meet the whole family for dinner (which for the most part is all this holiday is about for me), but am unable to this year due to lack of transportation.

Hope everyone that celebrates this holiday in one way or another has a good one.
Confused as to why Frictional made Penumbra's controls so clunky and combat almost impossible.
gaming, my celebration has been over.
That's so absurdly inappropriate for this thread instead of, say, technical issues forum for Penumbra.

OT: Playing videogames, of course.
Obvious troll is obvious. Undecided

Also multitasking between videogames, youtube, and getting ready for work besides my response above.
Just hanging out at my house talking with a couple friends. My day was alright, thanks!
Got beaten to posting this damnit