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Full Version: [Model] new coffin / old coffin *reup
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thought a coffin would be good model for the game(you can try to hide in it)...

new coffin:
old coffin:
Looks amazing. Is it possible to interact with it, for example slide the top open?
yes you can grab the top and open it
(05-01-2011, 05:21 PM)DonProtz Wrote: [ -> ]perhaps creapy old dirty coffin will follow, would fit better to the atmosphere of amnesia

I will wait for that Smile
Amnesia modding community will grow with these works.
You and Tanshaydar are really good with this stuff xD
Nice nice, we can never have enough models, keep them coming man, good job.
Both are cool, try making one with the first's one design and the second's one colour.
Second one looks amazing, fits into the game perfectly!

Very,very nice It definantly opens it up for mods set in the past and mods set in the present! Im going to have to use this! Big Grin I'm going to use this as a hiding place if possible along with making into a secret little place for items! Big Grin I love the textures on both!
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