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Full Version: Patch v1.1
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I'm installing Patch v1.1 for each game, Overture, Black Plague and Requiem.

I manually select the correct install path, but the patches install to a "redist" folder within the game directory. Huh

The patch notes say it should work for any version of the game?

Thanks for your time.
Well... did it update? To check look at the HPL.log in My Documents.
No, it didn't update.

The game executable doesn't change as the support notes say it should.

And the updated executable from the patch is in the "redist" folder.

Basically, it installs all the patch files in the "redist" folder instead of the game directory.

The "redist" folder was not in the game path when I set it, the patch adds it prior to installation.
Do you have the original installer? I think you could copy everything in redist and paste it over your game files... that should work
The v1.1 patches are all from the support page here, so they haven't been altered.

I could copy the contents of the redist folder over to the game folder for each game, but that's not ideal and is tedious.

I really want to know why it's not installing correctly?

And thanks for your reply.
I couldn't tell you, you'll have to wait until Frictional responds.
The update only knows about the various versions of the game we have released, as there are many versions released by others it can't update them automatically.

If you have a release with no redist folder, then you will have to manual move the files out of the redist folder and overwrite the old files.
Thanks for the reply, Jens.

I purchased these games from ebay, but they're genuine and from a reputable retailer.

Anyway, thanks for the answer.

The easiest way I guess is to just make a self-extracting archive from each redist folder contents, and use that as the patch.

At least then they will install in the correct folder without having to copy and paste.

Thanks again for everyone's time.
Sorry, ignore.