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Full Version: Voice actor samples
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All right, someone proposed to create a "talent thread" for custom stories, whether it is about voices, music, art, etc.

I won't go as far as creating such a topic that would include any kind of skill. I simply decided to create this one where everybody who has any interested in voice acting could post a sample of some dialog or text. That way modders looking for voices could consult this topic and contact the members who posted something, if they find any who could fit for the job.

Well, here I go first. Bear in mind that I have no experience whatsoever in acting (which will sound rather obvious, not mentioning I spend little time preparing this recording) and that English is not my mother tongue, something that can be rather problematic since there is no way I will be able to hide my accent at 100%. I am only doing this for fun...Though I would really like to do some more serious work! Big Grin I tried to reduce the noise with audacity, but I am not a big fan of the effect (my voice sounds rather synthetic). I also think that lowering a bit my pitch works better, but that is just me.
I used the first text you can find in the modification "La Caza", by Russ.
That was pretty damn good.

Your accent is quite noticeable but it didn't really bother me. Your lines sounded more "natural" then the ones in La Caza. It felt like you were telling the story to someone sitting across from you.

Kudos to you. Smile
Well done mate, I really liked your ardor and the accent didn't bother me that much since you could easily say that the character had a slight foreign heritage. Good job! I might contact you in the future as I'm currently working on my own story, if you don't mind Smile
yup, the one who was going to do that was me... Sorry, I was scripting a test map and got a bit carried away ^^; I'll post it ASAP
Better than the original!

But, that was the thing: my friends didn't put much effort into their work only because they didn't think I was going to finish anything.
Hey, thanks for the feedbacks. Since Karai16 created the talent thread, maybe we should close this one: what do you think?

Oh, just one think about my accent: I have done the best I could during the past years to get rid of most of it, and as a result most people find it difficult to guess from what country I am. Please tell me I sound East European, haha! XD
I'd say East European/Russian, but then again I'm extremely bad at distinguishing foreign accents.
As long as it doesn't sound French it's good for me.