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Full Version: Gamma resetting
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The gamma options resets every time I restart the game. Though the displayed value remains consistent (0.7) between sessions, the visual effect disappears and reverts to appearing as if gamma is set to 1.0. I have to readjust the gamma every time I restart the game.

No idea why this is happening.
Are all other options saved? Is it only gamma that is not saved?
Everything else is preserved. The actual number for the gamma setting is saved, but only the number. The effect isn't.
I can probably take some before-and-after pics if needed.
Quick update, this glitch doesn't seem to occur anymore. I think playing the game in the dark for so long might've caused me to hallucinate or something.
Ok good to know all is well Smile
all is well with his comp yeah
but with him? XD (just kidding btw)
Maybe he's been eating spiders. :O