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Full Version: Penumbra Overture dogs?
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I don't understand the origin of the dogs in penumbra Oveture? I mean yah I think i understand they are infected or whatever, but how come there are only dogs? And how come they are all identical? And even if they were infected surely there aren't that many dogs in a normal mine?
They bred?
It seemed to me that there was evidence to suggest they were dwelling in the abandoned parts of the mine prior to the Turngait breakout, so I don't know about them being infected. However, they do all appear to have abnormal sores of sorts.

I think if you really nitpick at Penumbra you can find minor inconsistencies in the timeline...but really, it's not too hard to reach other plausible explanations.

As far as them being identical, how about for time's sake in the 3D modeling department? Tongue

(05-04-2011, 12:55 AM)Tanshaydar Wrote: [ -> ]They bred?

Most dogs of the same breed look the same to me. And there was a kennel that spilled out into the larger cave system, so it makes sense they would have overbred and populated the tunnels based on probable initial access to plenty of food.
All the infected humanoids looked the same too.

I think the Archaic were conducting experiments on live animals and had the dogs brought in from the outside (note the containers that looked like cages in later parts of the mine in Overture) which might explain the mutations. Then, after the Tuurngait got released, things inevitably went chaotic and the dogs escaped, finding their own ways into the mine.