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Full Version: Sound [SOLVED]
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Hey guys! Another question... yeah I know I suck Sad

Anywho, I'm trying to make my custom story play a sound at the beginning of the map. It's a voice acting thing. So I tried to do it the same way someone else did it, (I have some custom maps and sometimes peek how other people do stuff)
But it won't work! Dodgy
Here's the thing:
in my custom story (Her Games) folder I have a sound folder. the path's like this: custom_stories\Her Games\sound\her games in that folder I have a Final_Destination.ogg and a Final_Destination.snt
This is the code:
void OnStart()
    PlaySoundAtEntity("", "Final_Destination.snt", "player", 0, true);
I've even tried to make it play with a AddEntityPlayerCollideCallBack and put a script area at the start position... but the sound just won't play. Can somebody help me? Huh I'm lost at what to do...
In case it helps, this is the .snt file:
          <Sound File="Final_Destination" />
  <PROPERTIES Volume="0.8" MinDistance="1" MaxDistance="12" Random="1" Interval="0" FadeEnd="False" FadeStart="False" Stream="False" Loop="False" Use3D="True" Blockable="False" BlockVolumeMul="0.8" Priority="0" />
"player" might need to be "Player". Otherwise, try using PlayGuiSound to see if that helps.
PS: Telling that you suck will never help you, believe in yourself! Big Grin
You should write player as "Player" ---> Pp <--- It makes the difference