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Full Version: Tweaks, extras and other goodies!
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Here is a list of threads with info on various extras, modifications and so on created by the community!

Key to joystick mapper
Lets you use a gamepad/joystick to play penumbra.

Enabling free saving
Lets you save the game anywhere you want.

Read the notes
A small application that lets you browse and read all the notes in Penumbra.

Easier combat, simplified swing
Info on how to enable the easier combat mode that does not require mouse swings.

None localized voices Boxed version only!
Play with the text localized but keeping voices in English(instead of German/Russian).

Better Motion Blur
Shader that makes motion blur much faster (Warning: only for Shader Model 3.0 cards)

Nvidia+Vista+Lag Fix

WiiMote Script