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Full Version: Streaming Amnesia Full Conversion Development
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As a sort of promo for my full conversion mod, I will start to periodically stream myself working on it.

I have two monitors, so I will be responding to chat instantly. I will have my music playing on in the background, it's mostly soothing.

Come on in and have some fun! See what my mod is looking like so far!

Current focus - Continue to map out the first area. Create models as needed
^^ use shortcuts plz, q w e

nice idea
First day of streaming is done. The area I set out to complete is just about done Smile
Cool idea. xD
This is actually a good idea. Newbies/new mapmackers will learn much from watching the workflow of an experienced mapmacker. Tutorials are good, but they won't give you "the puzzle", just a part of it. Perhaps there would be an interest for someone experienced to arrange for a commented stream of their mapmaking/scripting/modeling (workflow in general).
Edit: I would actually watch other modders work, as I think you can always learn new stuff.
Streaming again!

This time:

Fixing up the first map, incorporating ideas from the team.

Talking about the first area of the game (text, no voice, no mic Sad )

EDIT: Done for today, we did a ton of work on the plot :3
damn missed it Sad
I shall be streaming development a lot over the summer, so there's much more to come!
when will the next streaming be?
Not entirely sure.. I have two other things I'm working on alongside of this and looking for a job :-(

I'll post here though.
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