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Full Version: Looking for a co-creator
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I am currently working on a new project and I would like to have someone else join me. It is supposed to be a short story (around 1h). I have the genaral story outlined, but I am constantly adding details as I go along.

As a co-creator you'll have a free hand at creating whatever you want (within the limits of the story of course). You should have some experience in mapmaking/scripting and any adds to that is a plus.

Basically we'll be discussing ideas, mapmaking, scripting etc. learning from each other and create a good story.

I have knowledge in:
1. Mapmaking
2. Scripting
3. Creating skyboxes, textures etc.
Some basic knowledge in:
1. Creating models
2. Animations
And importing them to Amnesia.

If you are feeling interested, post a quick summary of your talents.

Cheers Smile
Well, since you helped me out, I'd be willing to help in any way I can, although the only talents I can really list are Mapmaking and Writing.
I can use photoshop and aftereffects (actually, that's my current job: to create pictures and videos and stuff) But I don't know how much use that would be in designing a custom story.

Still, if you need anything, I'm not usually very busy. Smile
Sounds like fun, I'm in if you're still looking for someone.
Thank you both. Both of you have released two basic maps? Let's see what you can produce mapwise Smile I think you will learn alot in the process. You can contact me via pm if you are interested and I'll fill you in with the details
I'll send you my unfinished wip, the bizarre corridor. I've been playing around with really weird ideas in it. (There's a thread in the showcase section where you can check out some screens from it.)