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Full Version: Abduction: Chapter 3 [RELEASE]
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(06-07-2011, 09:04 PM)alexduplex Wrote: [ -> ]I made a save just before the final part of the storage

I have done so aswell. Made a save file just before I have to run like fuck to the door.

Huzza! It works now, I just had to leave and re-enter the storage to let it update,
As in, everything can be seen? The notes, the key, everything?
Everything can be seen yes, however, the key does not work on the door and it remains locked Sad

Oh, and the exit crash is fixed too.

How can THAT be the problem?

Can you check the hps file and make sure everything is named correctly?

Also, are the scripts working in the Lab now?
I can't find the .hps file for Laboratory2
For some reason it didn't get put in the file.

I am sorry, I am kinda laughing at this point, because everything that could possibly go wrong, has done so.

I will begin by uploading just the hps file so people can play it, and then I will upload the complete file.

And cross my fingers for everything else working.

That's the laboratory hps. Just paste it into the chapter 3 folder and let me know how things go.
Confirmed. After I loaded up the save file from the storage I had to run all the way back to the entrance, leave and re-enter for it to update, like Elexyer said, solving the problem of the door leading to the laboratory in chapter 2. And like he also said, all the items are there for me, aswell.

So it means the worst part is over and you don't have to worry anymore, Anxt. Only thing left is this last door minor problem and everything will up and running 100%, hopefully. (since I already seen that the last room is working Tongue)
Have you checked to see if the hps file works properly?
Everything seems to be working fine so far.
Would you mind playing through the whole thing and letting me know if it breaks/crashes?
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