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Full Version: Abduction: Chapter 3 [RELEASE]
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how can I find line 119 ? Big Grin
It's the one that says "FadeIn(.01);"

Just add a 0 before the decimal.
Ok, thanks.
OMG!!! Alexander likes to play Zelda Big Grin
Thanks for the nice story, my boyfriend and I are scared shitless xD ... (ahhh and sry for my english x_x )
I am glad you enjoyed it! Feel free to go to the ModDB page and rate/review it if you like, few people take the 4 seconds to do so Tongue

Not a big deal if you don't, but given the upcoming contest by Frictional, every bit helps.

Done Tongue I rated 10 for the nice Story Wink
Please do more like them Big Grin
Many thanks!

I am working on another, but it will be a while before I can get anything out.
where is that "FadeIn(.01);"?? D:

nevermind.found it but now the basic game can't read the story....
I'll just wait for a new update.

Edit 2
I managed to finish the game.
It was amazing Anxt.It's as scary as the basic game.I dare to say that it was even better Big Grin the 3rd chapter gave me the creeps and once I screamed in panic (my mom laughed at me lol ) I love everything about your story and Im going to beat it again today.Hopefully you will make more Big Grin
WOW! Big Grin

What an epic finish to a terrifying and brilliant custom story. The ending surpassed my expectations and I enjoyed playing through the whole thing from start to finish. You sir, are a true genius. I hope to see more stories from you Tongue

One of the best custom stories ever! Big Grin
Thank you guys so much for the kind words!

Not to sound like a broken record, but if you are willing, please submit a rating/review of it on the ModDB page Smile

Many thanks.
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