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Full Version: Abduction: Chapter 3 [RELEASE]
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Nice. Been waiting for this! I could test it for bugs. It's okay if you don't allow me, but I would appreciate if you did. Smile
Just a quick note to everyone offering to test it:

Please send me a PM, as odd as it sounds, it just helps me keep track of how many people I have testing it, and I can determine how many I need more easily.

PM'd Smile Hope I can help you!
To Dark Night:

Chapter 3 will be standalone if you want it to be. The items acquired in the first and second chapters won't have any use in the third chapter, but you won't have your oil/tinderboxes/laudanum. So it's really up to you. My suggestion is this: Load the most recent save. It should have saved in the Atrum Andron, so all you have to do to keep your items will be to play through that one more time (which should be quick if you have already done it) and then through the shrine.

I say you should try to have all the items from the first two because there is a surprise ending which nobody (to my knowledge) has attempted before, and you'll need all the help you can get Smile
I'm just going to post all the bugs here, instead of constantly PM'ing you.

Spoiler below!

The brute at the end got stuck on a rock and didn't chase me.

The Laboratory door still didn't unlock when I put the key on it.

In the same bit, I can stack boxes and see out of the map.

I think this is just cuz of my crappy video card, but there may of been a flashing floor in the Library on the stairs area.

Thanks for reminding me, I actually forgot to add the ceiling to the last part of the storage area. Whoops Tongue
I would like to test Chapter 3, seeing as it is a stand alone chapter and your last (ergo the best, since your mapmaking/scripting skills are at their current highest peak).
Important update in first post!
I must say,i'm pretty curious to see what you did this time on chapter 3 of abduction Smile
I have high expections from you Anxt Big Grin
,your custom story so far was great,i hope chapter 3 will be even better! Tongue
Sweet. I can't wait. Big Grin
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