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Full Version: Abduction: Chapter 3 [RELEASE]
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Hello again everyone!

Chapter 3 is coming along swimmingly, and I thought now would be a good time to post a thread detailing the work I have done so far, and how much is left.

Currently, I have all but 2 of the maps I need complete, give or take some fixes on existing maps. As such, it is time once again for beta testing to begin. Just like last time, if anyone is interested in being a beta tester for me, please just send me a PM.

Important note: If you are going to test for me, I need very detailed feedback. Don't offer to test because you want a sneak peek. I need the feedback so I can improve it, fix bugs, or just make things look more natural. Therefore, please only offer to test for me if you plan on giving me detailed feedback.

As for a release date, I doubt I will have it before the end of the month, although I won't completely write it off. I just don't want to release it until it is ready.

Normally I would be offering screenshots, but I won't do that just yet for two reasons:

1. I want as much of it to be a *first look* when playing through it as possible.

2. Well, I haven't taken any yet Tongue

Thanks again for giving me such good feedback in the past, as well as the compliments. I sincerely hope I can give a satisfying ending to the story, in addition to a horrifying experience.

For chapters 1 and 2, just click the link in my signature Smile


That said, I am going to be entering the final phase of testing for the entire custom story. I will not be opening this up to beta testing, as I don't want some viewing the ending before others.

I WILL, however, be playing through it on a friend's computer, to make sure the downloadable file works properly before releasing it to the public. Expect to see a full release within the next few days!


Pending authorization, the full version of Abduction will be available on ModDB within the next few hours (hopefully).

Please feel free to leave any and all feedback and bug reports either here or on the ModDB page!

Also, feel free to rate the story through ModDB.

Thanks to everyone who gave me support and compliments on the story, as well as all of my beta testers!

Link to ModDB page:
Bug test that chapter like a beast, I want to see something beast good man!

Hrmmm....beast as in grizzly bear, or beast as in 12-headed hydra with the ability to breathe fire?
(05-27-2011, 04:05 AM)Anxt Wrote: [ -> ]Hrmmm....beast as in grizzly bear, or beast as in 12-headed hydra with the ability to breathe fire?

12-headed bear that expels fire from his anus, good man.

What else?
My apologies. It would be absurd to think anything else, of course. My mistake. Smile

nice news!

well, is that Chapter 3 standalone, or we need to walkthrough again Chapter 1-2 for starting Ch.3?
i hope NO!Big Grin

BTW, Justine finally release, i hope now troubles with any lever or other elements from justine should GONE.
Keep up the good work with that biggest project!
Good to see a progress thread Tongue Good luck with creating the final chapter in this brilliant series Big Grin
Can't wait to see what will be in the final chapter of abduction Big Grin
I can test it if you like Smile
I could test it for ya. Hopefully I wont get another stupid black box error. I have justine now so I think it should work properly.
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