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Full Version: littel teaser of new monster
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Just hope you know that, 15 k faces, assuming you are talking about quads. Means he will have 30 000 triangles inside the game. The characters inside the game has 3000 triangles. Reduce the face count by 90% and you will be fine Wink
About the claw... I think it would be nice if the modding community would have a "normal" looking "monster" on their disposal for different kind of stories.
(05-27-2011, 04:03 PM)Hermoor Wrote: [ -> ]lol 15 k is too high :p Try to reduce it down to 2000-3000 triangles. That is how high poly the other characters are. Grunt etc..
why you lol? its of course much, but do you know if its causing problems for the performance? did you test something like that?
No I never tried but, since the monsters inside the game are 3000 triangles and not 30 000 I think it would cause some performance issues. I suggest you lower the poly count and use the sculpt as a normal map. Animation is looking great though.
I got an idea, Remove his skin, Make him bloody Like they ripped off his skin Big Grin
k hermoor think you are right, will see if i can get it reduce or start it all over.
would be a shame if i animate everything and than its causing errors in the game or performance problems. thx
Yeah, try reduce it. You could still use the rig for the low poly character you make.
lol that monster is awful! I gotta have it!! Big Grin
Wow, thats um... cool but gross Big Grin Now lets find a story for this guy.
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