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Full Version: littel teaser of new monster
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Why did you make him a penis?!
There's enough of them in Amnesia already!!

No seriously, this monster looks fucking great. I think it will do a custom story very good to have a user created monster. And i seriously love his face, really zombie like Big Grin

I salute you DonProtz!
When he hunts me, I will freak the frick out.

Why is this not uploaded to youtube

More people would see your new monster on youtube then they would on 'vimeo' or w/e
Depending on how "fresh" the monster is, would be cool if he left bloodied footprints.
(05-28-2011, 06:03 AM)Russ Money Wrote: [ -> ]Depending on how "fresh" the monster is, would be cool if he left bloodied footprints.

that'd be fucking freaky

Especially if there is a way to have the monster run on 'stealth mode' and have it already in a level, already spawned, but no music to play and give it away, and...

*spots footprints*

"Oh shit."
This is exactly the kind of monster I expected to run into in one of the custom stories, "Cannibalism". Nice one!
The monster is looking great so far, although maybe you could make it more deformed because it looks too "human" and harmless. Other than that, good work, hopefully custom stories will put it to good use.
Give he pants! =D
nice job m8! Big Grin
What if you made his head kind of loll around when he walks or runs, or make it able to walk on ceilings or walls like a spider (if that's possible). The latter might be a bit overdone, but both would make me throw my computer out the window.
Also, I'm with the bloodied footprints idea by Russ Money.
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