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Full Version: littel teaser of new monster
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thx for your comments, iam working on a new char, only using the base of this mesh and trying something new... plz be patient Tongue
Very cool! I'm looking forward to see how this turns out. Someone should make some tutorials on how to make these sort of things! Rolleyes
(05-30-2011, 01:51 PM)coop97 Wrote: [ -> ]What if you made his head kind of loll around when he walks or runs, or make it able to walk on ceilings or walls like a spider (if that's possible). The latter might be a bit overdone, but both would make me throw my computer out the window.
Also, I'm with the bloodied footprints idea by Russ Money.

Omg seeing something crawling at you like a spider on a ceiling in a long dark hallway... Hell yeah I would punch my computer, throw it, anything to get away..

Sounds really hard to do though unfortunately :/

Funny to read the comments ^^ the most comments are about penis-issue Tongue
Sorry that he never will be finished. At the time i created him, i had a lot more time (another job)...

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