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Full Version: I'm finding Black Plague somehow... Boring!!
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It's not too much sci-fi, it's a heavy Lovecraftian story, which strikes me still.
Watching videos and spoiling yourself...
Well, I have nothing to say to someone spoils himself with watching videos. Good luck Smile
I try to do that the less i can but it's a compulsive bad habit Dodgy Hope you can understand that. But seeing the few seconds i saw spoils pretty much nothing to me there honnestly.

I don't know Lovecraft at all, sorry for that. But just looking google tells me "author of horror, fantasy and science fiction" i like horror but hate the fantasy and scifi genre most of the time.

Still i'd give a look since i'm feeling curious about it now! Anyway i hope i don't get too misunderstood..! I just finished the Tech Demo, it was great, hope there would be more "Overture"... I'll return to BP now!

(05-29-2011, 05:15 PM)Tanshaydar Wrote: [ -> ]I don't understand what are you expecting from Black Plague? Giving a crowbar to you and let yourself go Freeman on infected?
Okay, you can be bored. But your arguments are just not logical to me. If it's personal taste, then okay; if it's not, then you are expecting wrong things from Black Plague which it never offered to begin with.

I just want to make an add to answer that. I was so "touched" and satisfied by Overture that i expected more (if not same) "pleasure" with BP and i didn't get it (even though, i'm not saying the game is BAD). For reasons that are same for me and many others. I hope it's clear to you now.
I repeat myself, if it's personal taste, it's okay. I can clearly understand if you (don't) like it, and I wouldn't have any objection to that.
All I write is completely my personal opinion. I liked Overture, but I liked Black Plague too. I wouldn't trade one over another. On a side note, I liked Requiem too.
For spoiler thing. I'm against spoiling one self before playing/reading/watching anything. I think it completely ruins all the experience and lefts nothing to get joy.

If you like reading books, I'd really suggest reading Lovecraft. The Shadow Over Innsmouth is a good start along with The Statement of Randolph Carter.
Of course it's my personnal taste. I'm also totally against spoiler, don't worry. I don't spoil stories to people and blame those who're doing it.[/align]

Oh yes, Overture was much better than Black Plague.
Because Black Plague is not full of puzzles like Overture and Clarence is talking crazy all the time. The game is more mental and in minds as in reality.
It is only a corpse game with infected pursuit.
Not more full of ideas like Overture.

The infected looks like aliens and this is very worse!
But they are really scary! And in this time, I know, that they are not aliens.

Black Plague is scary and has an eerie and dirty atmosphere, but I love a game with more puzzles and therefore, Overture was the best.
Better than Amnesia, too.

In Overture are the most ideas and you can find out most things.
Amnesia was too "empty" and "easy". Black Plague was too "unreal" and have a story in psyche.
I definitely thought the infected looked...infected. Deeply leprous, or some other horrible disease. They don't look alien to me, weird. Interesting perspective.
I know what it feels like, Overture is the best part for me too.
(05-30-2011, 07:52 PM)hollowleviathan Wrote: [ -> ]I definitely thought the infected looked...infected. Deeply leprous, or some other horrible disease. They don't look alien to me, weird. Interesting perspective.

Yeah..same here. The big facepalm for me is when people refer to them as "zombies". -_- It kind of takes something really interesting/unique and turns it plain old cliche.

I am one who does my best to try and understand the opinions of others, but honestly, I just don't understand the people who think Overture is scarier than Black Plague. I mean, I even thought the first half of BP was scarier than Amnesia, then sort of tapered off, whereas Amnesia sustains it a little better. Anyone, care to explain? I'm curious how people are finding Overture scarier, I'm just failing to see it.
Maybe they're playing on the hardest difficulty. I was playing on normal (I always play on normal) and I could hack a dog in half with the pickaxe no issue. The haunting just-missed opportunities to contact other real people were devastating for me. I also thought the ruined cultist installation deep underground was a more harrowing setting than a mine, when it seems a few have had the opposite reaction.
I play on hard and I can take down three dogs at the same time with pickaxe.
I still got scared of Overture, I still like it.
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