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Full Version: I'm practicing modelling
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Hello! I got excited about modelling stuff, so I started practicing it. I'm currently using Anim8or, because it's easy and free program.
I once checked Blender, but it was so freakin' complicated that I got afraid.

Some pottery that was fast and easy to make Smile
[Image: 10g0juc.png]

An old table work I made long time ago
[Image: 263ea6u.png]

I tried to make lowpoly face, but it screwed up Sad
P.S I don't know how to texture

It was supposed to be a fountain for birds, but it looks a bit weird.

I try to make different things, but I learn slowly :/
Good start. Smile
Pottery's are good ones Big Grin
Table is ... bad.
My favorites are the pots and the fountain if it gets a little thing at the top which would emit water, then it would be perfect in my opinion!

Keep working on the modeling and maybe you can model for someone who's making a custom story! Smile
the pots are really good for a beginner. fountain looks good too Big Grin
look tuturiols on the internet about unwrapping and you'll understand texturing Wink
keep practicing!
welcome new modeler Angel
hey finska,
looks good for your first models... if you want to use blender in the future check this site for good tutorials:
do the first tutorials with 2.49 blender to get the basics

Use MudBox or Zbrush for faces and then import into Maya/Max.