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Full Version: Penumbra Requiem low FPS on good pc
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Although I can solve many problems this ones seems...unneeded, especially on my pc. It is a good pc but for some reason Penumbra Requiem lags very much since today at where I left the game. When I turn around the FPS goes to 10 or 8 when normally it is at 60(Vsync on). Here is a small video and also the HPL.log file of Requiem(attached).

I have Nvidia Geforce GXT 460 OC2 (a.k.a: highly overclocked) with the latest drivers (275.33) and everything else on my system updated(including OpenAL and stuff like that). I am using Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1.

All the graphics options are topped of course and I have tried running the game as administrator(the idea came from an error at the log about restrictions probably).

Note: While playing Overture, Black Prague and half Requiem I had no such problems. Also, the game is fully updated.
From what I've seen in previous threads about this problem, loading from a save before you entered the level for the first time seems to resolve the problem. Waiting a bit for the level to 'pick up', so to speak, also seems to solve the problem.
I know the solution you offered but this is if you updated the game while in the middle of a game. That's not the case for me. Maybe Vsync?
Actually, I think the load previous save solution was for everybody, not just people who updated in the middle of the game. Maybe not.

Vsync seems to lag on monitors with high resolutions for me. The log says that you play at 1280x1024, which isn't a terribly high resolution. You could try disabling that, not sure how much it'll do.
Quote:Waiting a bit for the level to 'pick up', so to speak, also seems to solve the problem.

I did that and it worked. I played like that for 3 minutes and since then it is ok. No idea why this started. The errors in the HLP.log are also found at Overture and Black Prague ones so it shouldn't be Requiems problem.