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Full Version: I bought it and can never play it?
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I just bought Amnesia the Dark Descent in the Frictional Games website, Directly from, and when I finished all my payments and the serial + Game download screen came up, Google Chrome decided to kill the page, now I can't get it back, and even when I try to get my order number (entering my email address) It won't send, and it's been an hour, and It's rather making me very angry, because I just got home, Been up for 2 days straight, Because people don't know how to stop kicking seats on planes.

Just wondering, any help?!

Find the order confirmation email you got when you paid for it, with the order number. Login using those details. For memory there are actually 2 different numbers in the email that seem like the order num so make sure you try the second if the first doesn't work.