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Full Version: Ghosts vs Monsters [Spoilers contained in thread]
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After i reached the last level of the game i found it to be the strongest part (and a few other parts) of the game. After all the lights went out on the level and every door was locked, my heart was pounding every fast considering i had the lights on in my room and my mom was having a loud conversation with someone over the phone.

I found this unknown figure more scary than any of the monsters that were in the game which brings we to my next conclusion. I think Penumbra could have been a lot scarier if there were more sightings of this ghostly dark figure. Monsters aren't really scary since you can find a way to kill them.

So here is my debate:

Should the next Penumbra: Overture Episode concentrate more on scaring its players with:
1) Ghosts
2) Monster ambushes(they attack the player only from darkish areas and don't show themselves until the player is 1 meter close)
3) Both of the above
Both. I think, but I'm not sure. Both can be scary if done good. I want the developers to surprise me Smile
stAtic15 Wrote:Both. I think, but I'm not sure. Both can be scary if done good. I want the developers to surprise me Smile

Personally i think ghosts (atleast in the traditional way) is overused and kinda lame. But i guess you could make them unique, but no floating humans please=P Its easier to get more creative with monsters, since they could be anything that we can imnagine pretty much. And btw, why do you have to be able to kill them as topicmaker said? whats up with that? says who? A monster should be superior to a man imo. Otherwise theres no big point, but i guess it depends on what you consider a monster.
Ghosts in caves, and down in the hatch so to speak there should be some muties. Perhaps you would be able to meet the Silhouette man and talk to him.

Ghosts. Only monsters if they have a good reason for being monsters. ^^