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Full Version: hi everyone, can someone please help me?
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I dont understaand how to pass the steams in the mines/
I try to go fast but i cant make it.
what should i do?
her is a picture:

by the way how can i use the spoilers feature when i write?
Spoiler below!
If that is the area I think it is, you just have to stand close to the steam, wait until it stops, and run. Or find another way.
You write like this: [ spoiler ]write text here [ / spoiler ] but without all the gaps.

Anyways, about the steam. I figure you just need to get as close as you can, then at the moment (or even a bit earlier) the steam stops you move... It isn't harder than that.

And if you're playing at easy, medium, you can take a few burns. It's different for hard though, kills you right away.
ok thanks.
Spoiler below!
just checking